V2 Liebherr LTM 11200 Mammoet Edition Remote Controlled Mobile Crane MOC Brick Set

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We proudly present the NEW version "V2" of the Liebherr LTM 11200 Mamoet edition with a complete new drivetrain!!

The biggest and most challenging Kit in our collection !! 8500+ Building Blocks!!! 

The model uses 14 motors, bluetooth litihum batteries and a remote controller to control 19 separate functions.
All functions can be controlled remotely using the integrated electrical system.

This Liebher is more than 122 cm long and has a weight of no less than 8.2 kg.

This kit takes time, skill and patience to assemble.
This is a fully remote controlled version of the Liebher LTM 11200 crane.

Detailed Information about this MOC Kit:

- More than 8500 building blocks (8523 to be exact) 
- Mammoet stickers
- 190 cm - Height of the boom
- 132 cm - static length
- 14  electric motors
- Lithium batteries 
- Remote controlled superstructure
- Remote controlled lifting hook
- Remotely controlled lifting cylinders
- Remote controlled rope boom and pulley system
- Remotely operated driver's cab lift arm
- Remote controlled tilting of the driver's cabin
- Remote controlled rotating arm of the driver's cab
- Remote controlled extension of the 3-piece boom
- Remote folding of the stabilizer arms
- Remotely controlled tilting of the stabilizer arms
- Raise / lower remote controlled support legs

- Step by step paper instruction manual
- Unique design
- Includes Stickers
- Limited Mammoet edition

This is not an Original Lego Technic model but is compatible with Lego Technic Building blocks.

If there is anything else you need (or want) to know about our V2 Liebherr LTM 11200 Mammoet Edition Remote Controlled Mobile Crane MOC Brick Set, simply contact our friendly team any day of the week and we will be here to help (Email, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp).


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