Buckled Cat Ears Baseball Cap

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Color:  Black
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  • Classic design with a twist - buckled adjustable back with cat ear design, a balanced style of fashion, and cuteness!
  • Top design that makes it pop with style and will make you shine in any crowd!
  • Adjustable - With an adjustable buckle clasp strap.
  • Snug fit - Made with a mix of cotton and polyester creating a cottony soft and smooth fabric that is comfortable to wear.

Main material: Cotton polyester
Size: Fits head size 50-56 cm/19.7" - 22"  Adjustable
Package Includes: 1 Buckled Cat Ears Baseball Cap

Tips For Maintenance - Cat Ear Hats/Caps

If you've got a hat/cap that has become wrinkled or the cat ears not standing up straight, don't worry! It can be fixed with below tried-and-true ways to restore its lovely shape:
 1. Steam with steaming iron on the area of the hat/cap that needs to be reshaped, or removing the crease.  
You can use your hands to work the brim (including the cat ears and even the straps) into the right shape. We recommend using a flat surface to guide you as you reshape the brim.
 2. If the crease is too deep, dampen the area with wet cloths before steam ironing. Please avoid letting the hat/cap gets too damp. 
 Note:  Be careful of the hot steam also it's a good idea to consider the material the hat/cap is made from. If the cap is made from polyester, acrylic, please avoid overheating the material by exposing the caps/hats directly under the iron plate or steam iron for too long.